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We teach the basics of ethical hacking and computer security.
We'll also guide you through capture the flag tournaments and bug bounties.
We love (in)security.

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Sandeep Sharma

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E Magazine section

The cyber security wing also releases regular articles on various cybersecurity related issues and upcoming developments.
The readers are requested to comment and critique the various articles.
Tor - and how to access the dark web
Every hacker's delight - (almost) perfect anonymity.
By Abhishek Acharya
Vault 7: The CIA Exposed
The CIA's biggest secret, unveiled.
By Bhanu Bhandari
Ciphers - and why they matter
Learn the basics right here.
By Sandeep Kumar
The Shadow Brokers
This time, the NSA was pwned. Read on for more.
By Ashrith Reddy